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Thinking of Working With a 3D Visualization Company? 6 Things You Need to Know First

Each 3D visualization company and person works in their own way. However, some elements are always the same, regardless of if you're in the art, architecture, or any other design industry.

Thinking of Working With a 3D Visualization Company? 6 Things You Need to Know First

In this blog post I wanted to list some of the things that we often get asked about how we work, and the things that are required from you as your client as well.
That way you know what you’re getting yourself into when working with any 3D visualization company.

1. What the Visualization process looks like

The visualization process can look very different depending on the type of project we’re working on. The deliverables andnumber of revisions are unique to each project and something that is determined individually for each project.

2. What is required from you – The Client

Not much is required from you in the 3D visualization process. However, before we can get to work we need some thingsfrom you.
Depending on the type of project we’re working with, we need you to provide the materials needed to start working.Whether they are a base model, images, references, a general idea, or a highly detailed CAD model, the production teamwill check and ensure all needed materials have been received and that they’re complete.
During the project, we will communicate with you closely to make sure you’re happy with the progress and can give usyour feedback. Delayed communication and unanswered messages can cause the project timeline to stretch. That is whywe require you to take into account the need for fluent communication during a project. After all, we’re here to bring yourvision to life, and we want to do it as well as possible!
And finally, timely payments are a requirement for us to start working and deliver the final product to you.

3. Communication

The key to any successful project and partnership is efficient communication. That applies to 3D visualization as well.
Clear and timely communication is required from both parties. Not only in the planning of a project but continuouslythrough it to ensure everyone is always on the same page. Good communication will also ensure the project timelineholds, and that in the end, we have a result that you love.

4. Pricing

Different visualization companies structure their pricing differently.
At Prefixa we structure our pricing by the project. As there are many things that need to be taken into account before andduring the 3D modeling process, we prefer to build a set price for the whole project before starting. This way you knowhow much the 3D visualization process will cost you, and you can include it into your budget as soon as possible. We dopayments in 2 parts, 40% as we start the project, and 60% when we deliver the final result to you.
The price of a 3D image or video isn’t always the same as there are certain things that will affect the price of your 3Dvisualization. Timeline, level of detail in the base model (CAD, OBJ, FBX, Revit, or other), level of detail in the final model, size of the project, amount of changes during the modeling process, and the clients end budget will affect how much the 3D visualization will cost.


The timeline of a project is one of the most important aspects for you. As a client this is one of the only things you canaffect and have control over in the visualization process.
As the client, you set the timeline for us. We will provide an estimate timeline on how long each project will take.However, if you have a project with a tight timeline to a certain extent we can accomodate to it.
Some things affecting the timeline of a project are the size of the project, amount of work required from our productionteam, and the amount of deliverables. The number 1 reason why the timeline gets delayed is missing or faulty documents.This is why all models will be checked and approved by our production team before starting the work. If there arechanges to the base model during the 3D visualization process, the timeline for project delivery will have to be adjusted.

6. Being a partner

Finally, I wanted to point out that at Prefixa we always take the approach of not treating you only as a one-time client, butas a partner who we would love to build a long-term relationship with. We want to be a part of your design process fromthe very beginning, helping you make important design decisions along the way. This way we can learn and understandthe way we both work and consider each other as a part of the team.
These are some of the things you can expect when working with us. Whether you’re an architect, artist, engineer, gallery owner, or designer, we want to be as transparent as possible and for you to be able to understand the visualization process and the things we might need from you.
If you’re wondering what is required from you and what the process would look like with your project, don’t hesitate toreach out. I would love to discuss your project and see if there is something we can help you with!

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